Website Design

A website takes your book to the world!

Websites have become the newest angle in the world of book promotion. Put a book (or any other product) on a website and anyone in the world can see the book, read about it and order it. Because of this, many book publishing companies now promise to put your book up on the "World Wide Web." The author learns too late that when they see where these companies locate their books, they discover that it is so deeply embedded on a company website that ony the most interested of potential buyers can find it, let alone buy it. When the author complains about this treatment, the company management dismisses their complaint.

Website Development
is a serious matter!

Promoting your book on the Internet is a very serious matter. People are more likely to buy your book on the Internet than they are to walk in a bookstore and buy it. Also, they are more likely to hear about your book on the Internet than they are to hear about it from any other source. Therefore, it is important for an author to have their own book website. However, just having a website is not enough. If the website is not laid out properly, it will not be listed in the search engines and when potential buyers cannot find your book, they will look for another.

At White Cottage Publishing, we know how to set up a website that will attract the attention of all the search engines and garner you enough links to gain the highest ratings on Google, Bing and Yahoo, the largest search engines on the Internet. We also know how to keep the search engines interested in your site and keep the buyers buying your book. Our rates are very reasonable.

  • Basic five-page website with search engine meta-tags installed — $350
    • We secure one domain name and arrange for website hosting with one of the most reliable Internet hosting services for one year.
    • Registration with Google Analytics and other website analysis services to evaluate traffic and trends.
    • Registration with Internet monitoring service to make sure your website is always up and operational.
    • Registration with every major search engine on the Internet.

Additional Options:

  • Search Engine Optimization Blast — We list your website with thousands of search engines on the Internet, raising your Google link rate to the highest levels possible. $100
  • Additional Website Pages — $25 per page. 
  • Installation of Video — $10 additional per page.
    • We do not produce videos!
    • All videos must be submitted in MP4, MKV, or AVI formats.
  • Internet Research for website material — $50 per hour.
  • Other website development services billed at $50 per hour.