The Cyber Love's Illusions Series

All-Out War on Scammers!


Do you have a loved one who suddenly has an "Internet Friend?" Have you joined a social media site, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook, or a or one of many dating sites and suddenly have an Internet friend you have never met in person? Do they express their undying love for you? But most importantly, have they started asking you for money, favors or to reship merchandise to West Africa for them? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the Cyber Love's Illusions series is for you.

Authors Anna Alden-Tirrill and Jon van Helsing have teamed up to write two blockbuster books about the Internet curse of Romance Scamming. In the first book, Cyber Love's Illusions: Romance Scams... A Virtual Pandemic, they write about the work of the Romance Scammer, how they emotionally connect with their victims and then use that control to extract money and favors from unsuspecting victims.

In their second book, Cyber Love's Illusions: The Healing Journey, their attention turns to the Romance Scam victims. Designed for both the counselor and the victim, this book outlines a pathway to recovery. It teaches counselors and helps victims understand how they could be taken in by the Romance Scammer and shows them a pathway that will keep them from being victims. Most importantly, this book helps to bring forth the healing process for Romance Scam victims and their families. There is hope for the Romance Scam victim and Cyber Love's Illusions: The Healing Journey outlines the pathway to victim healing.

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