The Publishing Options

Completing a manuscript is a major step for any writer. With few exceptions, it has taken a long time to complete the project. What about you? Have you spent long hours at your computer writing, even more hours visiting websites on the Internet, or perhaps even more hours in various libraries researching material for your book? It is an arduous task, and one that should be rewarded.

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It is important to understand
the publishing process

Authors can increase their chances that their book will be a success in the market place if they understand the publishing process and learn how to use it to their advantage. When authors finish their manuscript, they really have two choices when it comes to turning their manuscript into a book:

  1. They can submit their manuscript to Traditional Publishers and hope one of them accepts their manuscript.
  2. They can hire a company that will publish their book.

Both of these options have their particular risks and rewards. Click on the hyperlinks above or the drop-down menus under "The Publishing Process" to learn more about these options. To learn more about the publishing options at White Cottage Publishing Company, click on this link.

To help you further, we have a special page to help you gather together the information you will need along with your manuscript to publish your book with White Cottage Publishing Company. Registered & Protected