Our Services and Fees

From a final pre-flight proofread or a comprehensive line edit to a complete ghostwriting engagement, followed by interior and exterior design and publishing (if you choose to self-publish), we have the experience, expertise and commitment to quality that will make your book or other document shine with excellence.

If you decide to entrust your editing and/or publishing needs to us, we will go the extra mile to meet, and hopefully exceed, your expectations. When proofreading and editing, we never go through your project just once. We always review each document at least three times, and sometimes more. For edited work, you will receive two attachments: one tracking version showing all the edits and one more easily read "clean" version.

The amounts listed below are our customary fees. When you contact us by e-mail, we will recommend the level of editing that best fits your project and preferences. We do this by requesting a small sample of your work.

Two variables on the fees:

  • If more than 10 Scripture references are to be verified, add one-half cent to the per word rate.
  • Prices below are for standard copy like articles and book manuscripts. Rates for other genres like children's books (see pricing below), poetry, plays, and website copy will vary.

Here is a list of our pre-press services. For more details please click on the name of the service and you will be taken to its special page.

  • Editing & Writing Services
  • Interior Book Design
  • Cover Design Services
    • Classic Package — $295
    • Elite Package — $495
    • Premier Package — $695
  • —EBook Services
    • Converting your book to popular eBook reading formats:
    • The base cost for this service is $300.00, payable in advance. We do offer discounts if we have published your print book.
    • We offer line-by-line ebook generation using professional software in a hands-on environment (most companies use a machine-generated program and usually only do one format). Our goal is to retain the design elements of the printed edition of the book. Sometimes, that is not possible, but we frequently come a lot closer than the machine-generated programs.
    • Our package consists of generating the popular ebook formats EPUB (Barnes and Noble and KoboBooks) and MOBI (Amazon). After we have generated your files, we can submit your files to the above-named providers (for an additional fee). Many authors sell their ebooks on their own websites.
    • To use this service, you will have to provide us with usable Microsoft Word 1997, 2003, 2007, 2013 or 2016 or Adobe InDesign files (we can convert other file formats, but there will be extra charges for this). Book cover images must be in either JPG or PNG formats. There will be additional charges to convert image files from other formats. eBooks with more than five pictures will be charged $10 per picture. All pictures must be 300 dpi (dots per inch) or we will have to charge extra to bring them up to standard.
  • Website Development
    • It is important for authors to develop their own websites when they publish their own books. We can develop an initial website for an author, but after the book development is completed, another website designer should be hired.