Interior Book Design


Gutenberg Printing Press

We provide personalized custom-designed interior formatting, typesetting and layout services. When typesetting a book, we apply the rules of typesetting, but we don't create "cookie cutter" books. We make the inside of your book personal and creative—unique to you. We apply designer fonts and graphics that attract, but that are subtle enough not to detract from the book's message. We will also recommend printers and work out the technical details with the printer you select.

Professional typesetting and layout on attractively-formatted interior pages is the hallmark of a "real" book. Most readers would be hard-pressed to tell you what kerning, tracking and leading are, but you can be sure they will wince a little when they see a page designed by someone who doesn't know the art of typesetting. Yes, typesetting is an art and a science—from selecting a typeface that strikes the perfect balance of elegance and readability appropriate for the subject matter to designing pages that help readers seamlessly navigate through the content. We have the skills to transform the raw material of your manuscript, submitted in a digital format such as MS Word, into a professionally-formatted print-ready PDF. We make sure that the form of your book matches its content and, better yet, shows it off.

  • Our typesetting fees start at 1¢ per word plus a $25 setup charge
  • Typesetting fees can vary depending upon manuscript complexity

Custom Illustrations and Photography

An illustration is a visualization such as a drawing, painting, photograph, or other work of art. The aim of an illustration is to decorate textual information by providing a visual representation. In other words, illustrations help your story POP off the page. Want illustrations, artwork and/or photographs throughout your book? On our team is a Christian artist as well as a Christian photographer. Whether you are writing for children or adults, they will work with you to bring your vision and your words to life in pictures. Wow your readers with beautifully and meticulously designed illustrations and powerful and poignant photographs.

  • Illustration fees based upon quantity and production time
  • Photography fees are based upon the following factors:
    • Travel (auto miles, airline, car rental, travel time)
    • Photographer time
  • With digital cameras, our photographers can take hundreds of shots on site
  • Place them on CD-ROM or DVD media
  • They can be sent to you within a few days or even a few hours if necessary (extra mailing fees may apply)
  • While you may not use hundreds of pictures in your document, you will have greater freedom of choice

If you are planning to take your own pictures, please contact us for specifications. Many pictures may look good on the Internet, but they will not look good in a book. Internet pictures have a resolution specification of 72 dpi (dots per inch) while most printers will not accept pictures with a resolution of less than 300 dpi. To meet those specifications, we would need at least an eight mega-pixel photograph. Remember, unless you are doing cover art or a "coffee table" book with color pictures, all your pictures will be in "grayscale." We will process your pictures at a rate of $5 each.