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The Custom Difference

When you self-publish with White Cottage Publishing Company the differences are clear:

  • You control 100% of your book content
  • You are in control of your book's production
  • You keep 100% of your book's profits
  • You determine the retail price of your book
  • Print-on-Demand (POD) means no book inventory to maintain
  • Bookstores can order your book through Ingram Distribution, the largest book distribution system in the world (30,000 booksellers in the USA and in over 100 countries globally)
  • Online listings with top book retailers like Amazon and Barnes and Noble
  • eBook options available

Doing any kind of publication is a major step for most people. Finding just the right company that will take the time to do your publication in a thoughtful, careful manner is not an easy task.

Many pretenders and publishing "wannabes" will promise you the galaxy, then do your job in an assembly-line, "cookie-cutter" manner, handing you a third-rate publication that impresses no one.

At White Cottage Publishing Company, we take our job and our commitment to you seriously. We understand that the quality of your publication reflects directly on you.

For this reason, we go the extra mile to make sure we produce a quality publication that will give people a favorable impression of you and your work.

We Place the Book Profits Where they Belong... In the Author's Pocket!

Contact Page

The easiest way to reach White Cottage Publishing is to e-mail Tom Mack, our Principal, and share some information about your book project with him. He can go over your various publishing options and determine what your writing needs are and how they can be best fulfilled. When you contact Tom, arrangements can be made for a free phone consultation convienent to your schedule. If you prefer to contact us by mail, you can write us at:

White Cottage Publishing Company
201 Raton Street, Suite #112
Trinidad, Colorado 81082-3941
Phone: (719) 212-8981
Cell: (719) 946-1591
Email: editor@whitecottagepublishing.com


White Cottage Publishing Company will always go the extra mile to fulfill, and hopefully surpass, your expectations. From vision and concept to completion and publication, we're here to help you on each step of your journey to becoming a published author.