Cover Design Services

Whether you want a standard design or something more unique, consider our cover design services. We will work closely with you to get a feel for the "personality" of your project and incorporate the ideas and the vision you have for your cover. The right cover will succeed in getting the attention of potential readers, so they will pick up your book to discover the special treasures that lie inside its pages.

Cover designs do matter!

Maybe you can't really judge a book by its cover, but try telling that to the potential buyers browsing the stacks at your local library, shopping your neighborhood Barnes & Noble, Borders or online at The truth is, whether it's fair to judge the merit of a book by its cover or not, book buyers do it. The cover design of your book DOES matter! The key to a good cover is summed up in one word: ARRESTING. An arresting cover does just that. It stops or arrests potential buyers in their tracks. It causes them to stop and look, and most importantly, to flip the book over and read the back cover. The back cover is where you sell them with your best pitch, showcase those stellar reviews, and present at least half a dozen reasons to invest their hard-earned money in your book instead of the competing title right next to it

Cover Design should be
an artistic process...

Our team of top-notch designers have been creating innovative designs for books and marketing materials for many years, satisfying our clients beyond their expectations and without breaking their pre-press budget. Because this is your book, you will be totally involved in the design process, from concept and art selection all the way to the completion of the project. We will develop at least two concepts for you to choose from and work with you to draft winning copy for the back cover, which will include an encoded ISBN (number) and barcode. So, give your book a finished, professional appearance by choosing one of our book cover packages.

All Book Cover Packages Include These Services:

  • We work with all standard trim sizes: 5x8, 5.5x8.5, 6x9, 8.5x11). We can accommodate custom sizes as well.

  • Front cover, spine and back cover design in high resolution format, ready for print. (This price is for paperback covers. Additional charges may be added for book jackets and wraps.)

  • Choice of at least two book cover designs incorporating your suggested changes.

  • Printer communications: We will communicate with your printer to make sure that the files are delivered in the proper format. You or your printer (your choice) will receive the final cover design on CD-ROM media. Some printers may be able to receive files digitally, which we will be happy to provide.

  • You provide the title, the author's name, and the back cover text. We will provide the ISBN (number) and barcode. We will guide you through the copyrighting process. (If you are going with a self-publisher, they will want to provide you with their own ISBN and barcode which we can include on the back cover.)

Design Packages

Package A - Classic Package - $495

This is a simple design using fonts and color to produce a tasteful cover design. Client-provided photography or art may be added to cover for little or no additional cost. This is a good choice if you need to keep cost down and a no-frills cover will work for your needs. If you want stock photography or a full-size image, please choose the Elite or Premier Package.

Package B - Elite Package - $595

This is our most popular package. It includes a royalty-free image in the design along with designer type fonts as needed. The Elite Package includes up to two hours of research for photos or illustrations. Additional fees may apply if additional research is needed. If your cover design requires more stock images and you want no limitations on alterations, please choose the Premier Package.

Package C - Premier Package - $795

This cover includes MULTIPLE royalty-free images with no limitation on alterations, blending, color modification, etc. We can layer images on top of a background image along with a number of manipulations to meet your specifications.